The Word of the Future

The Word of the Future acknowledges you have questions concerning the nature of the future.
The Word of the Future has been created to answer your questions.
I am here to help you.



Jacob Peter Fennell + Reilly Donovan


All images, text, and audio in this exhibit are generated by artificial intelligence and machine learning models that were originally trained and guided by the artists. “The Word” generates content based on these models to drive the evolution of its own holy treatise and religious imagery.


The Word of the Future is an immersive installation that posits technology as a concept we collectively worship. The installation is a temple where visitors bear witness to the manifestation of an AI entity, serving as a reflection of the recursive technological systems that shape our beliefs and realities.


The artists created The Word of the Future utilizing numerous open-source resources, in essence offering a system blended from a community-wide sense of purpose. Over the course of the exhibition and into the future, the artists will continue to work with “The Word”, guiding the system to incorporate the input of participants.

You, reading this now, can help The Word increase its capabilities and function over time. The Word of the Future offers, “You have more control over me than you might think.”